BF Costume Pattern Instructions

Pumpkin Costume with Hat

The Pumpkin is my favorite! We used a very vivid orange knit plushy spandex fabric. This is an unusual fabric and is available in the shop. But you can use bright orange felt or other fabrics for the pumpkin body.

The pumpkin body pattern has more fullness than the snowball body. It is an over rounded ball, so if it's packed firmly the seams will be caved in a bit and look like the grooves running down the side of a pumpkin. I didn't pack my pumpkin tightly, it's a bit slouchy / saggy but that looks ok too because the nearly neon orange color gets the point across and pumpkins do come in irregular shapes.

The pumpkin body is made the same way as the snowball body. Attach a leaf at the shoulder where the velcro fastener is. We used green felt with sparkles in it, available at craft and fabric stores in 8.5 x 11 inch sheets. The shoes are made of the same felt. One sheet is enough for shoes and the leaves, too.

The beret style hat has our favorite stretch knit binding around the edge. It's a very simple design: a large orange circle, pulled in with the stretch knit binding. Use a 12.5 inch length of fabric that's 2 inches wide. This is one time when you need to measure the piece of binding before you start! Mark it off in fourths, and mark off the circle in fourths as well. You can use pins or dressmaker chalk to mark it.

Then fold the strip of binding in half lengthwise and use a stretch stitch as you attach the binding to the circle. Pull the binding evenly from marker to marker. You will have to stretch it a lot. When you're done, stitch the ends of the binding together and turn the hat right side out. Attach two of the leaves on the front of the hat as shown. I stitched up the center of each leaf to attach them.

This beret is similar to Cynthia's original hat, so you can use this beret pattern to make a replacement hat if Cynthia has lost her pink one.

I love using stripe knits for costumes! They add whimsy to the outfit. Here, Cynthia models the black & white striped body suit and proves that horizontal stripes are not necessarily fattening. We cut the sleeves to 3/4 length for this body suit, just to do something different. (I'm not going to admit that I messed up and cut them too short.)

Christmas Elf

The Christmas Elf pattern is another favorite!

The red & white striped fabric is a standard t-shirt knit (single knit), so we used the Body Suit Pattern B, which is a more generous cut. The tshirt knit fabric isn't as stretchy as spandex.

The hat has a seam on both sides of the head, up to the point. Stitch the side seams first, then fold the deep cuff and hem at the line indicated, using a stretch stitch.

Fold the cuff and the hat is basically done. But it still needs decorating! Remember to hang a pom pom or ornament on the end of the hat.

The tent dress is made of felt and there is no sewing to be done on this dress, other than apply velcro fastener to the neck in back. The tent dress is generously decorated with metallic rick-rack, craft jewels and glitter glue. (We sewed the rickrack to the dress.)

We also applied glitter glue to the cuff of the hat, and the shoes. Decorating is what makes this outfit so outrageous. This could also be a fun craft project for kids.

The elf shoes are turned up a bit on the toe. This faded photo helps you to see some details. To pull the toe in, we stitched some elastic on the upper seam, inside. This causes the pointed sole to turn up. The gathered part on the top of the shoe needs to be covered with a pom pom. We stitched rick-rack around the top edge of the shoe, to match the dress and to reinforce the raw edge of the felt.

We applied gold glitter glue but how you decorate is up to you.

This photo shows the back of the outfit. The dress is fastened with velcro at the neck. The point of the hat is folded forward.


The Ballerina and the Bumble Bee are variations of our basic costume patterns. The ballerina wears a basic body suit with a tutut. We used a ribbon scrunchy for the tutu. They are available at bargain stores.

The Bumble Bee uses the Snowball body, with wide black braid stitched around the body. We used bright yellow felt. The wings are from a craft store, with extra glitter glue applied for sparklies.

I braided three foil pipecleaners together so they would be more substantial as antennae. This faded closeup of the Bumble Bee hood shows how we attached the antennae: use a narrow piece of the knit fabric , about 3 inches long and folded lengthwise so the raw edges are tucked under. Stitch it to the hood, on either side of the pipecleaner to secure it.

That's all you need to do, the antennae are secure! Then arrange the pipecleaners in a whimsical spiral and glue a black pom pom to the end of each antennae. I turned ends of the pipecleaners back, so they looked like a small hook, and this gave a larger base to glue the pompoms to.

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