BF Costume Pattern Instructions

Bunny Suit

The Bunny pattern includes a bunny suit and a hood: very easy. We used a plushy pink knit fabric, with poly fleece lining for the ears. This is Body Suit B: although the fabric is very stretchy, I wanted this suit to look more like pajamas so I used the slightly larger pattern.

The Bunny ears are folded in half, and tucked into the dart where they are stitched to the hood. If you need to widen the dart a little bit you can do that. I snipped the fabric a little bit so I could insert the ears. Make the hood according to directions.

Velcro is used to fasten the hood of the bunny suit, under the chin. Arrange the floppy ears the way you like. You can decorate the ears with a bow or flowers, if you so desire.

Finish with pom poms. We used standard craft bag pom poms for the feet. We made the tail out of white baby yarn... Wrap a very generous amount of yarn around your hand, a nice thick wad of it. Then slip the yarn off your hand and tie it tightly across the middle. Wrap and tie several times so the middle will be very strong. Then cut all the loops of yarn and fluff the pom pom. Trim off any irregular long pieces and shape the pom pom a bit if it's needed. Hand sew the large pom to the seat of the body suit.

Mouse or Kitty Suit

The Mouse and the Kitty are the same pattern. The only difference is the ears. Make a black body suit and a black hood.

The ears for Mouse and Kitty are top stitched to the hood: they are not inserted in the dart, as the bunny ears are.

The photo below is faded out so you can see the seams. The ears are made of double felt that is top-stitched around the edge to hold the pieces together. I used a zigzag stitch with matching black thread.

There is a dart in the middle of the ear to shape it. Iron the dart flat.

The ears are not as far back on the hood as the bunny ears are. The photos will give you an idea of where to place the mouse and kitty ears.

The mouse ears are topstitched to the hood, by stitching across the base of the dart and also stitching up the dart a ways to stabilize the ear so it doesn't flop. The top stitching is hidden under the bow in this photo.

Here is the hood with cat ears. To make these ears stand up straight, I ironed them in half before I applied them to the hood. Then I arranged the ear in a relaxed V position as I stitched them on. I topstitched the base of the ear using zigzag stitches.

The circle skirt is a full circle with bias edging around the hem. You can use contrast bias tape or self fabric as shown. Here are instructions on HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BIAS TAPE.

The circle skirt is only partially cut in back, just enough to allow the doll to step into the skirt.. The waistband fastens with velcro or a snap.

The foil pipecleaner whiskers are held on with E6000 glue, which can be removed later. (If necessary I use our plastic cleaner to get the residue off.) Do not use superglue or liquid nails glue. You could also attach the whiskers with elastic cord wrapped around the head.

The pink moon shoes are a bit over-sized, to give more of a comic appearance. We have also used these moon shoes as clown shoes and they work great:

The top edge of the moon shoes is finished with bias tape. It goes on the doll's foot easily, since bias tape has some stretch to it.

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