Wood Cone for Restringing Baby Face

$3.95 each

This wood cone is 2 inches at the base and 3 inches high. We use this wood cone to gently stretch vinyl for restringing Baby Face dolls (or other dolls.)  First warm the vinyl with a hair dryer and use the cone to gently stretch the opening for restringing.

Our photo shows how the hole in one doll leg is wider than the other, making it possible to easily insert the cords and washers that we use for restringing.

The wood cone is useful for stretching the hole in the doll's head, as well as the smaller holes in the arms and legs. 

Whenever you attempt to stretch vinyl, use a certain amount of caution. Warm the vinyl first so it's pliable. And don't be so rough with it that the vinyl splits. We are offering this tool as a helpful item for restringing, but we do make the disclaimer that if you are restringing your dolls there is some risk involved. Restring your dolls at your own risk.