Purple Wash

Kendra writes about her experience
with RIT dye and vinyl:

I have done several "dyed reborns" and have learned from each experience! I much prefer dying to painting.....but it is a much more time consuming method! But of course, I love the fact that you dont end up with a "painted" looking baby!

I've found that the wine colored dye is very good for the inside of the baby.....in just the way you describe using it! Washing away ALL of the dye is SOOOO important....even little watery droplets will keep on coloring if left on the vinyl!

Coloring the outside is much more tedious....if you're going to dip the parts.....I recommend doing it VERY briefly.....and then giving it 24 to 36 hour to "cure"!

If you want more color, dip it again.....BRIEFLY!

I've learned to actually paint with a dampened brush or q-tip in layers to bring out the facial features and shading! I use the wine, pink, fuschia, tan, red,and a bit of yellow...as well as some combinations!! I think the results are wonderful!

Also, If you find that you have given your baby too much color....all is not lost! Simply find the sunniest location available..and set your baby out to bleach! Turn the parts a couple of times a day....to keep the bleaching process even! It may take a couple of weeks, but if you're patient...the baby WILL lighten!

I'll send along a pic of my latest baby....done entirely with dyes....



Thank you, Kendra!

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