Using Oil Paints
for Reborn Doll Lips

Suggestions from Debbie Ruano
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I have done all my reborns this way for over a year now and have had no problems with it. This particular doll is now in my Sister in Laws family!! She was done about a year ago and is still perfect.

I use Liquin (alkyd resin oil medium) as my base. I like to do lip color as I go along ~ not mix it on a pallete ~ so this way works for me. So, I brush the lips with small amount of Liquin and then put some brush strokes of red, brown, yellow, flesh and just start blending it on the lips.

I do it very thinly so it actually sorta stains the lips. I blend it until I get what I like and then let it dry several days. I use brushes and actually blend the color down outside of the lip line to make the lips look more full, but if blended properly into the surrounding area, it looks very natural.

It takes quite a while to do this and most people are too impatient to work with it, but I love the look. After its dry, I use varathane (a polyurethane sealer) on the lips.

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