Use an eyebrow pencil or colored pencils. Some sets of colored pencils have a nice selection of browns and tans. Eyebrow pencils come in natural colors of course. (Eyeliner pencil tends to be too soft for making eyebrows.)

The point needs to be sharp so you can get fine feathery lines. If the tip is too soft, the lines will be way too thick.

One thing I have observed: those with LESS are more successful. The eyebrows should be barely there.

Apply just a few feathered strokes. Near the center, don't go too far out to the sides of the face. Feather it, which means it is done in several small strokes rather than one long stroke.

Kristin's Cloud 9 Nursery adds the following helpful comments:

I just make them really thin and faint, lots of feathery, light strokes... Then I rub over it with a Q-tip to soften it up. If you hate it, you can rub most of it off with a damp tissue and start over. But if you let it set for a few hours (not sure on the time), it soaks into the vinyl and won't come off.

I've heard that some people hold the side of a spoon up to the eyebrow to use as a guide. That way they can make them both the same.

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