Fixing Eyelashes Using a

Many thanks to Diane Haddox for giving me this tip on fixing Baby Face eyelashes. Hold a hairdryer about two feet away from the doll's face and blow the eyelashes.

You may want to tie something around the doll's hair first so that her hairdo is not damaged or affected by the heat from the blow dryer. Then, try blowing the eyelashes. Do not get too close and don't get too hot or you will have worse than you started with. If you do accidentally heat the eyelashes the wrong direction, then stop. Take a break. Let the doll recover her composure and then try again.

You can probably fix your mistake, unless you really fried the lashes. I have found varying degrees of success using the blowdryer.

If the lashes are only a little bit off, they will pop right back into shape and look great. But, if the lashes are really twisted a lot then don't expect as much. They will be improved but they'll probably never be perfect again.

Another thing that helps: I washed off an old mascara brush and I use that to comb the lashes while I blow them with the dryer. This way, I can guide the results. Also, because my hand is under the dryer too, I can feel the heat and back off when there's too much. I think I have more control when I use the mascara brush.

Don't try this unless you are fairly good at fixing things. It is a good thing to have one "experimental" doll you can practice with first. I have an experimental Suzy who has been through all sorts of tests and trials. (Surprisingly, she still looks pretty good.)

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