for Vinyl Polish, Sealer
or Hairdressing for
Old, Dry Doll Hair


AS A SEALER OR SURFACE FINISH... Vinylex is similar to brands such as Armoral or Son of a Gun by STP, only offer high gloss protectants and since I use it on the doll's hair and vinyl body, I don't want the surface sealer to have a synthetic high gloss. Vinylex has a satin finish that is low gloss.

Vinylex is better than other brands because it has conditioners and UV protection. We know that dolls are easily damaged by sunlight, so UV protection is a very good feature.

Vinylex doesn't appear shiny but it does give a nice finish to the vinyl. Vinylex doesn't work on all dolls. I applied it to a Kid Sister doll and I think the doll looked too shiny after that because the vinyl face of Kid Sister dolls is very smooth, like smooth plastic. Because Baby Face dolls have a slightly grainy surface, the Vinylexworks very well to refresh the vinyl without being too shiny. Berenguer dolls have a very similar surface.

I use a cotton pad to rub the Vinylex all over my doll and then I use a soft cloth such as a worn terry washcloth and I wipe her down to get the excess off of the doll. It does not take much Vinylex to get results. I don't want the doll to be too shiny, but this obviously gives the doll a nice new finish. It's more noticeable on vintage dolls than on new ones.

Vinyl dolls go through many processes before they are finished. The doll does get a final surface coat of some kind, possibly a light coat of acrylic wax or a silicone type sealer such as Vinylex. We know this because some of the Baby Face collectors have tried to dye our white dolls into AA dolls and we found that cold dye or wood stains don't work on vinyl because it has a wax surface finish. We must use hot dye in order to melt the finish so the dye can get through to the vinyl.

Therefore, I think Vinylexis a very suitable surface finish for vinyl dolls and is probably very similar to their original finish. Just avoid getting it on too heavy or she will be as shiny as new china. If that happens, you can tone down the glare by applying some face powder or baby powder.

AS A HAIRDRESSING... Vinylex makes a wonderful hairdressing on vintage dolls with dull, lifeless hair. I think it is especially effective on dolls from the late 50's and the 1960's. By 1970, they switched to another kind of fiber for rooted hair and that is the worst yet: it gets frizzy, matted and there's not a thing you can do for it.

The doll hair of the 1960's is better to work with because it can be washed and even bleached because it (usually) keeps it's color very well. And, it can be curled and styled.

If the hair is dry, then spritz with a little bit of Vinylex and work it through the hair. Comb and style and put the knee high nylon hair net on to hold . The hair will have better lustre, better color with the Vinylex applied to it. If the hair is VERY dry, then I will sometimes treat the hair again. Have to be careful about using too much though, or the hair can get sticky and won't dry very well.

HOUSEHOLD & AUTO TOO... Vinylex Protectant cleans and protects with a patented, one-step formula that actually nourishes vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. It actually penetrates below the surface layer to nourish and revitalize
underlying plasticizers, there by reducing cracking. With DH-60 UV sunscreen to block color-fading ultra-violet rays, Vinylex Protectant keeps surfaces looking original!

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