1/2 inch or 3/8 inch
Curling Iron

I almost always finish a Baby Face hairdo by using the curling iron on the ends of the hair, around the face. I prefer the very small 3/8 inch iron, which I purchased at a beauty supply store. This makes the hair turn in and gives the doll a nice neat finished appearance.

Walmart sells an inexpensive 1/2 inch curling iron which is also nice, but I like the 3/8 better for the smaller dolls. Beauty Supply stores have a better selection.

I use the curling iron on dry hair but also on damp hair. Be sure to test a small area first because with some dolls (especially older dolls) the hair will melt. In fact, I don't use the curling iron on any of my older dolls. Doll from the 1990's are the best, anything else requires a little bit of testing first.

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