Plastic Cleaner

Removes Ink, Marker, Paint, Dirt, Adhesive, Black Marks, & "Sticky Stuff" on old Vinyl!!

Plastic Cleaner is another essential item that I can't live without. This chemical is used in printshops to surface clean the equipment. It removes ink without damaging the plastic on office equipment.

Plastic Cleaner can remove adhesive, ink, paint and many things. It can clean black marks. The bottle claims it does not damage plastic. So far I have found that to be true. It is especially good for removing white paint and some surface stains and dirt from vinyl.

Ink marks will sometimes rub off our vintage dolls easily. It also takes off white paint rubs. (Have you noticed that almost all play dolls have white paint on them? I think it comes from banging off of walls.)

Plastic cleaner does not help much with ball point pen on vinyl. I use Plastic Cleaner constantly, but I know it's limitations. It's not a magic cure every time. But it works so well that we have the cap off our bottle most of the time. We use it constantly.

Plastic Cleaner is available in my Doll Shop, on the doll supplies page. Use Plastic Cleaner in an area with good ventilation.

BE CAREFUL OF FACE PAINT. Plastic Cleaner usually does not remove the doll's face paint, but sometimes it does so be careful (especially with older dolls.)

FADES MARKER ON CLOTH DOLLS. I accidentally discovered something else my ink remover will do. I had a troll with a great big black marker slash across the bottom of his very large foot. I tried plastic cleaner on it but the mark only faded a bit. So, I left the doll in a box and because I was frustrated with it I didn't think to wash off the chemical when I was done. Several weeks later I took him out of the box, and the mark was almost gone!!! The chemical had continued working and it faded the ink to a barely discernible trace of yellow.

WD40 WILL ALSO WORK. I have heard that WD40 is effective for removing some ink stains. I've tried it, and this might be true. However, WD40 has a very strong chemical odor whereas the plastic cleaner is not so offensive and whatever odor there is wears off. WD40 tends to linger on. WD40 seems to have many of the characteristics of our plastic cleaner. If you can tolerate the odor.

CLEANING OLD STICKY VINYL. Some of the older vinyls dolls develop a sticky surface that does not wash off with soap and water or strong detergents. You need to use a solvent of some kind. Plastic Cleaner works very well and I think it smells ok, it doesn't have a nasty odor.

Put some Plastic Cleaner on a cotton pad or soft cloth and scrub the doll all over. You will need to use quite a few cotton pads most likely (with fresh Plastic Cleaner on them) in order to get the job done. Try to avoid painted areas such as eyebrown, eyelashes or lip paint because Plastic Cleaner could take the face paint off.

You can also use WD40 to clean old sticky vinyl. I have not tried this myself but I suggested it to two other people and both ladies were thrilled with the results. The only problem with WD40 is the strong stinky odor so you will need to wash the doll when you are finished and then it should be fine.

BRUSH CLEANER! I used Plastic Cleaner all the time to clean my paint brushes. I removes fresh nail polish easily, as well as paint. Excellent for cleaning artist brushes!

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