Replacing Baby Face Shoelaces

The Baby Face shoelaces are "usually" made with sheer nylon tricot, in white, light pink, darker pink and hot pink. Such fabric is sooo hard to find, for replacements! I wanted to stock it in the doll shop, but I've never found any in white or pink.

You can get it from old nightgowns at Goodwill or other thrift stores, but I was surprised at the prices for such nightgowns. Too much!

So, for cheap replacement shoelaces that look good and stay perky, the best thing to use is nylon tulle netting (bridal netting). It's cheap, comes in many colors, is easy to find, and easy to work with. When it's tied in a bow it stays upright and perky the way BF laces are supposed to be.

The BF dolls sold in Canada had white or pink lace on the dresses and in the shoes. So that's a good alternate as well.

Marcy has yellow ribbons in her shoes (not yellow tricot as shown).

Sarah is also shown with yellow tricot in her shoes, but actually she has pale pink tricot.

Robyn has pink ribbons as shown. Natalie is shown with bright green vinyl shoes but actually the production dolls always have pink shoes, so the green shoes must have been a prototype item.

The prototype Denny doll is shown with orange shoelaces or white ones, either way is ok.

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