for Cloudy Eyes


MACHINE OIL METHOD. Someone at a doll show told me how to cure cloudy sleep eyes. Use machine oil such as Sewing Machine Oil (available at Walmart.) Put a couple of drops in the doll's eye(s) and let the oil run back into the eyeball. Then turn the doll face forward onto a towel or paper napkin and leave her like that for a few hours or overnight or a few days. The eyes will be sparkling. Then give her a good face wash in order to clean up the extra oil.

Too much oil can damage the eyes by melting the white paint or causing rusty overflow to stain the eye, so be careful about overdoing it.

HEAT METHOD. Someone also told me that it's possible to clear up cloudy eyes by using a hair dryer on them. Turn the hair dryer on hot and aim it at the eye. You do need to be careful that you don't melt the lashes. Some dolls have synthetic lashes and this method would cause the lashes to shrivel up and melt. But if the doll eyes have natural boar-bristle lashes then the heat method would be worth a try. This doll collector said it worked for her. Since cloudy eyes are usually caused by a mold or fungus that grows in the eye, heat can kill the mold and clear up the eyes.

IT'S WORTH A TRY. Sometimes these methods work very well and other times they don't. The only way to find out is to try. If oil or heat doesn't clear up the cloudiness, then you might want to consider replacing the eyes if that is possible.

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