Grab Bag Lot of Toys for Baby Face Galoob Dolls

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Grab Bag Lot of Toys Selected for Baby Face Galoob Dolls

This grab bag lot of miniature TOYS is perfect for Baby Face Galoob dolls and these items were selected just for them. I'm selling the last of the dolly toys that I have: there are only a few lots like this. Items are new, not pre-owned or played-with.

This big grab bag includes 1 yellow sunshine basket, 1 trick or treat basket, a Magic Attic Club dolly backpack, a toy bow with suction cup arrows, miniature bubble-guns, a clip-on Sheriff's badge, soccer ball made for Magic Attic Rose, a Coca Cola lunchbox, three silky cords for hair ribbons and three wood fishing poles with little wood fish on them.

Most of these items are no longer available anywhere. In fact, these are old enough that I can't guarantee there's any bubble liquid left in the teeny bottles (you can make your own with water and dish soap.) We originally paid more than we're asking; but we're trying to clean out the warehouse of odds and ends.

Dolls not included. These toys are not for children 3 and under.

This grab bag will be shipped in the flat rate bubble mailer. I have adjusted the price and postage so it should balance out to cover that.