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Grab Bag Lot of Toy Food Selected for Baby Face Galoob Dolls

Most DOLLS have a tea set to play with, BUT do they have food to put on their teeny little plates? This grab bag LOT includes a variety of Miniature FOOD for DOLLS! 60+ teeny CANDY, ICE CREAM, BURGER, HOT DOG, FRIES etc.

This is a large lot of miniature food items that are actually erasers (and are therefore NOT edible and shouldn't be given to small children.)

This lot includes 45+ of the candy hearts and citrus jelly candies.

You also get two fries, two burgers, two hot dogs and two soda drinks (pretend food.)

In the unopened packages you get six ice cream cones, two ice cream bars, 2 cheesecakes and 2 strawberry tarts.

PLUS, you also get the CUTE set of miniature wood lollipops, that were made by an artist doll company in Spain.

To get an idea of the Scale, the strawberry tarts are approximately 1 inch across. The wood lollipops are 2 1/4 inchs long... so all of these items are SMALL.

These miniature food toys work very well for dolls that are 8 inches up to 12 inches such as Tonner's Ann Estelle series, or Baby Face Dolls by Galoob, or any of the Ginny dolls or Alexanderkins.

We're cleaning out the warehouse to get rid of odds n ends. I have a limited number of these eraser candies and then they'll be all gone. Some of these items are not available anywhere. Dolls not included. You will get everything shown in the photos above.