4 Yards of 4mm Stringing Cord, Elastic Cord

$5.95 each

THIS LISTING IS FOR 4 yards of 4mm ELASTIC CORD for stringing or restringing medium to large dolls. (This is the size I use for restringing Baby Face dolls by Galoob.)

  • 1.5 mm elastic cord is lightweight cord for small dolls. It will string 4 to 6 inch dolls. 

  • 2mm elastic cord is good for 8 to 10 inch dolls. This is a good size for the popular 8 inch dolls such as Ginny or Alexanderkins. 

  • 2.5 mm elastic cord will string 10 to 18 inch dolls depending on how stocky they are. 

  • 3mm elastic cord is comparable to 1/8 inch cord: this is strong cord and will string 14 to 20 inch dolls depending on how stocky or heavy they are. If you are stringing slender hard plastic fashion dolls, for example, then the 2.5mm might be enough. 

  • 4mm elastic cord is an all-purpose size for medium to large dolls. I use it for my 13 inch stocky Baby Face dolls, up to Playpal size if it's doubled. 

See photo for comparing 5 sizes that we offer.