38 Gauge Felting Needles Qty 24

$9.95 each

38 Gauge Felting Needles

This listing is for #38 gauge Tri-Star felting needles. They are 3 inches long and the needle is triangular (the point has 3 sides.) There are 24 needles included.  38 gauge is a good all-purpose size that is a little more sturdy than 40 or 42 gauge.

INDUSTRY USES. Felting Needles are used in factories to make plush fabrics, textured upholstery, carpets and many other specialty fabrics. The needles are laid out in beds, just like the proverbial bed of needles that the holy men have been rumored to lie upon in India. The needles are barbed, besides being very thin and sharp, so you can imagine how comfortable that would be.

FOR HANDCRAFTING. Felting needles have been used by crafters to make handcrafted felt projects such as plush animals, fancy pillows and even dramatic textured hats and garments. Felting needles have also been used to root the hair on beautiful artistic cloth dolls. The crafters push the hair threads into the fabric and the barbs on the needles will tangle the hair threads on the other side of the fabric, so it is "knotted" and will stay in place. This makes it much easier to root a head of hair on a cloth doll.

FOR RE-ROOTING DOLL HAIR. Felting needles are useful for rerooting hair on vinyl dolls which have lost their hair for some reason. Push the replacement hair into the empty hair plugs, poking the felting needle up and down so the strands of replacement hair will "knot" inside the doll's head. Sometimes I push the hair into the head using the blunt end of a broken felting needle, then I push a good needle into the hole and plunge up and down for a bit to knot the threads, then push some more hair into the hole with the blunt needle, and repeat the process until each hole in the doll's head is filled.

GET A GRIP. Rooting hair is a tedious process but the felting needles are the best solution I have ever heard of. If your fingers get a little sore, I have found it is easier to grip the felting needle if I wrap a small rubber band around the end of it and this helps me get a better hold on the needle too.

TRI-STAR? All of our felting needles have three sides on the barbed end. Some people have asked about Tri-Star needles... the tri-star needles also have a groove down each side of the barb. I assume the purpose for the groove is so there will be less resistance as the needle punctures the fabric. Our 38 gauge needles are tri-star needles.