Serena B. Miller is a Christian Fiction author. She is one of our favorites, with consistently good stories that are clean and interesting. We don't like too much suspense, and her books strike a nice balance by presenting a very good story or mystery without getting overly intense, grim, violent or gory.

Love's Journey in Sugarcreek SERIES

The Sugar Haus Inn

There are four books in the "Love's Journey in Sugarcreek" series, and we enjoyed them all. They were out of print for awhile, and hard to find: so I was very happy when they became available for Kindle.

Northwoods Dreams SERIES

The Measure of Katie Calloway

There are three books in the "Northwoods Dreams" series. Serena Miller certainly knows how to create unique story lines. I enjoyed each book, but they're so different from each other that each story could also be a stand-alone.

The Doreen Sizemore Adventures SERIES

There are seven books in the Doreen Sizemore series. These books are novellas so they're easy and fun to read. Doreen Sizemore hails from South Shore, Kentucky and has never traveled far from home. Maybe she should have kept it that way, because where ever she goes there are murders to solve! We're always happy to see a new Doreen Sizemore novella show up in our Kindle reading list.