Supplies to make
Umbilical Cord Stumps for Babydolls

Here is an idea for making artifical umbilical cords for your reborn dolls. You will need gloves, glue, magnets (optional) and clamps. Once you have the necessary supplies they are easy to make.

LATEX GLOVES ~ Start with a clean white latex glove and cut one of the fingers off of it. I used a size medium glove.

You will need a few tiny scraps of something that is mauve or wine colored, such as teensy fabric shreds might be the easiest. I tried dyeing a latex glove to the color I wanted, but the dye leached through one of the umbilical cords that I made. It didn't leach through on the other, but I used even less of the mauve scraps.

Since there is always a risk when using dye around vinyl, it's better to use some colorfast fabric scraps. You don't need much, or the umbilical cord stump will be too big. I just want a little bit of purple stuff inside the white latex finger.

GLUE & PAINT ~ Then, I squirted a bit of Berry-Red Glass Paint inside the white latex finger, because Glass Paint seems to be a type of colored glue. And, I squirted a little bit of E6000 craft glue in the fingertip. I only used small amounts of everything, and pushed it all to the very fingertip.

MAGNETS ~ If you want to use magnets to hold your umbilical cord in place on the doll's body, then you would also insert a magnet at this time. You should put the magnet in first so it's on the very bottom of the finger.

Then squinch the white latex finger together a bit, to get a "wrinkled" look, and allow it to dry into a shriveled wrinkled little blob.

You can attach it to the doll at this time if you want. I used E6000 glue.

SCUOLA OIL PAINT ~ Once the glue is dry, it still needs some additional coloring. The colors I applied inside the latex finger are not enough. I used our Scuola oil paints to tint the faux umbilical stump. I used burnt sienna, alizarin crimson and thinned the colors generously with safflower oil.


I messed around with the colors, applying them and then wiping them off and reapplying until the coloring looked authentic. (Actually, I think the umbilical cord in the photo still needs a bit more color but it does look like a realistic bit of tissue.)

I haven't had problems with the oil colors leaching into the surrounding vinyl, since very little of the oils are actually touching the vinyl. I applied the paint after the "bellybutton" was on the doll, and the base of it has less paint applied. If I applied heavy color all over the latex there might be more of a problem with leaching.

CLAMPS ~ To clamp the cord, I used a real umbilical cord clamp. I really like these clamps because they are not as big as some that I've seen. The scale is appropriate for dolls.

Attach the latex umbilical cord to the doll's body, using a good vinyl glue such as E6000, or using the magnets. If you use magnets, you will need to glue one magnet inside the body at the appropriate place.

How do you know if the magnet is attached in the appropriate place inside? Use another magnet outside the doll's body. When the outside magnet sticks to the inside magnet, then you will know exactly where it is. You will also know if you have the magnets facing the proper way to attract each other.

I rolled the clamp onto the latex several times until it looked "right". Then push the clamp shut. ~~ That's it, all finished. And easy to do. It probably takes more time to read this tutorial than it does to make them.

MAGNETS ~ The magnets we sell are the best you can buy. They are small and powerful. For more information on magnets click here:


WARNING!! ~ Don't place these magnets near your computer or computer disks: they are powerful enough to erase what's on your disks. Don't put them in your purse or they could erase your credit card magnetic strip! AND, if you use one of the electronic recorders inside your doll so it can babytalk, the magnets could erase the recorder and cause the electronics to fail. It's not a good idea to use magnets on a doll that has an electronic voice unit inside.

PLEASE NOTE this SMALL PARTS WARNING: We are not responsible for how these magnets are used, when you buy them. We don't recommend using magnets on dolls that will be given to children. In 2007 we heard about problems with Polly Pockets dolls because children swallowed the magnets that were on the dolls. Reborners and dollmakers should also be aware of safety problems. If the doll has small parts such as magnets it's important to note that when you sell your dolls.

GLUE: E6000 ~ I used E6000 glue to glue the faux umbilical cord to the doll. E6000 is a thick, clear flexible glue. It's not runny and gives a tight bond. It would probably be better to use Liquid Nails, however. Liquid Nails is the only glue I know of that never un-sticks from vinyl.

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