Robyn & Natalie's Do

Fixed up Robyn

“I don’t like having my hair done…”

Robyn is one of my fixer-uppers. She arrived with no clothes, and her hair hanging down around her face showing her bald spots. Robyn was designed so that her head under her ponytails has no hair at all!

Robyn Before Fixing– she looks not so bad from the front, but the back is awful!

Keep in mind when reading that this was my own guess at her hairdo and there is no guarantee that I got it right!

Robyn’s hairdo has a long part from center front to center back, and then more parts around the front half of the head to separate the ponytail hair from the bangs. Her fringe of bangs ends at her ears.

I worked in this order:

>> Separate out the obvious ponytail hair that does not need to be interwoven, around the back of the head.

>> Go down the two lines of the center part, and interweave them together by taking the left hand hairs to the right, and the right hand hairs to the left, plug by plug.

>> Put a hair band around the ponytails so far.

>> Go around the bangs, taking the short hairs down toward the face and the long hairs up toward the ponytails. This took a long time because it is not simply plug by plug. Many of the plugs have both long and short hairs in them.

>> Fasten the two completed ponytails up high and center on her head. You can tell by the length of the hairs when you have it right. Put the ponytails where the hairs come out closest to the same length.

>> You may want to curl the ponytails slightly with a large curling iron, and the bangs with a smaller one. This is optional, of course.

>> See the general tips for taming and smoothing the hair.

NOTE: Robyn has the same fringe as Natalie, but Robyn's bangs are only in the front whereas Natalies bangs go all the way around her head. Natalie has one pony, pulled up on top of her head. The main problem in restoring Natalie's hair is to separate all those bangs. The fringe, or bangs, are the same length all the way around the head. So, you can use Robyn's instructions to figure out how to fix Natalie's original hairdo. :)