Sherri & Heidi


Fixed-Up Sherri smiles “Hello!”

Heidi waves to her fans.



Sherri and Heidi are fixer-uppers.  These are photos of the fixed up hair style; I do not have any photos of a mint out of the box version.


Sherri and Heidi have basically the same hairdo. It is a very simple hairdo, with just a small topknot ponytail and otherwise straight hair.


*  Find the ponytail by finding the little circle of close-together plugs at the top back of her head.  It is only about an inch across. 

*  The outer two circular rows have two lengths of hairs.  Some are the same length as the center of the ponytail, and others are not.  Separate them plug by plug, putting the , ponytail-length ones in with the ponytail, and the others down on the head. 

*  Put a hairband around the ponytail.

*  All the other hairs are combed outward from the ponytail.

*  You may want to curl the ponytail just a little bit so it makes a nice neat
”fountain” shape, and shape the hairs around the face a bit.  Use a large curling iron so as not to make it too curly.  In the pictures above, Sherri’s hair has been shaped, and Heidi’s has been left wispy.

*  See the general tips for taming and smoothing the hair.



The circlular part around the ponytail topknot.

I couldn’t get a really good shot.

Either the pic was too dark, or the flash was too bright!





All the rest of the hair just goes outward from the ponytail.