Sarah’s Do


The photos of Sarah's Do were contributed by Sarah Marie of the Yahoo Baby Face Club.  

Thanks Sarah Marie!


Sarah’s Do is complex – if you are Baby Face Hairdressing for the first time, you might want to start with Cynthia, Sherri or Natalie.


Sarah has two ponytails, one on each side of a center part.  The part continues around each ponytail, forming roughly a rectangle.


On my Sarah, I worked in this order: 


*  Find the ponytails.  In general they are located on each side of the central part, and are longer than the rest of the hairs.  Put a clip on each one to keep it separate.  You will have to keep moving these clips around as you add hair to the ponytails and sort the parts.

*  Find the central part, which is two lines of hairplugs very close together down the center of Sarah’s head front to back.  Separate off those two center part lines from the ponytails.

*  Blend the center part into the ponytails, by taking the plugs in the left side of the center and pulling them to the right, and pulling the right hand line of plugs to the left, interweaving the two lines of the center part plug by plug.  After each small section, put the sorted hairs into the ponytail clips so you don’t drop them.

*  On the outside edge of each ponytail, there is a similar pair of closely spaced plugs.  These have to be sorted the same way.  The ones on nearest the ponytail are pulled down into the side hair, and the ones nearest the side of the head are pulled up into the ponytail, plug by plug alternating.

*  There is another very short part at the back of the ponytail “rectangles”.  Do the same alternating sort on them.

*  The front of the ponytail “rectangles” is similar, but not as even, and more of the hair pulls forward into the bangs than pulls back into the ponytails.

*  Put a small hair band around the ponytails.

*  (Optional) Softly curl Sarah’s fringe all the way around with a large ¾ to 1 inch curling iron.

*  Sarah’s ponytails are supposed to be curly, so you will want to curl them last of all using a smallish curling iron. 3/8” is good  to make a close spiral.

*  Last step. The original Sarah has her two top ponytails curled around into two little snails on top of her head and rubber banded that way.




Sarah’s hair from the front.

Note how the bangs are interwoven with the ponytail part.



Sarah’s ponytails, with a rectangular part around each one.




Sarah’s ponytail lifted up to show underneath.



Edited 5/11/2001