Sandi's Do

Fixed Up Sandi


Sandi is one of my fixer-uppers.I do not have any pics of her original, mint hairdo, so I am posting these, which are after fixing up.

Sandiís hairdo has a topknot and a fringe around the bottom.


*First sort out the hair plugs rows which go up into the topknot without any short hairs intermixed.Start at the top center, and work your way around row by row.Clip each row up out of the way as you go.


Sorting Sandiís topknot Ė in progress.

Her famous ďCousin ItĒ impression.


*Eventually you will get down to a row of short hair which is above a row of long hair.These two rows must be interwoven.Each plug of short hair goes downward into the fringe, and each plug of long hair goes upward into the topknot.The plugs alternate all the way around.Clip the topknot hairs up every so often, you donít want to drop them and have to do it over!

*When the hair plugs are all sorted, put a hairband around the topknot.

*You may want to curl the topknot just a little bit.I curled mine quite a lot, but I think a slight curl is probably more accurate to the original.My Sandi had a tuft of hair in the center of her topknot that was longer, so I made a separate curl of it to stand up in the center.

*Shape the hairs around the face a bit using a ĺ - 1 inch curling iron.

*See the general tips for taming and smoothing the hair.



Sandiís Do from the front, topknot and fringe

all in place.




Sandiís Do from the side Ė

itís pretty much the same as from the front!