Cynthia’s Do



“Hey, Look at Me!”
Fixed up Cynthia


Cynthia is one of my fixer-uppers.  She arrived with no clothes, some dirt and the usual Don King hairdo – all standing straight up, especially her bangs. I do not have any pics of an original, mint Cynthia’s hairdo, so I am posting my own Cynthia after fix-up.


Keep in mind when reading that this was my own guess at her hairdo and  there is no guarantee that I got it right!


As I worked it out, Cynthia has a simple hairdo, with a ponytail and a horizontal part. 


I worked in this order: 


  Find the ponytail by collecting together all of the crinkle hairs.  Where straight hairs and crinkle hairs are intermixed, pull the straight hairs toward the head, and the crinkle hairs toward the ponytail, interweaving them plug by plug. 

*  Put a hairband around the ponytail.

  Find Cynthia’s part by looking for two horizontal rows of hair plugs that are very close together. The part is near the back of the ponytail.   To fix the part, go plug by plug, and take the back row forward and the front row backward, interweaving them.

  See the general tips for taming and smoothing the hair.




Here is Cynthia’s Do from the top, front.
You can see the horizontal part.



Cynthia’s Do from the back, basically

combed straight from the part.