How to Comb Doll Hair

Here's an essential tip: I always use a metal pet comb to comb doll hair. I'm paralyzed without it. We have about 12 of them so they're handy everywhere and we're always using them. They are the size of a regular comb.

This is not a flea comb. The combs we use have regularly spaced round metal teeth. This comb seems to drag less on the synthetic hair, and when you run into a bad tangle the metal tooth comb can take the pressure required to comb it out.

If you are combing out a bad tangle, start at the ends of the hair and slowly work your way up to the doll's scalp. Be careful not to pull so hard that you pull out the hair plugs. Using this method, I've combed Barbie with foot-long hair that was a complete rats nest.

Helpful Hint - we use spray Detangler on the doll's hair before combing. This is the spray on conditioner used on small children so they won't get the "ouchies" when their hair is combed. Some people also use spray-on wig conditioner.

Or, fabric softener works well. Apply fabric softener to the wet hair and comb. Then rinse well when finished.

Hartz makes a pink handled small brush that's square. We call this a slicker brush and it works great on dolls with very tangled hair. Sometimes we start with the slicker brush to get the worst combed out and then finish with the metal comb.

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