KneeHigh Nylons for
Hair Nets

This may very well be the most valuable tip on my Restoration pages! Dolls always seem to have their hair popping up off their face, and conquering their bad hair day seems to be the biggest challenge.

The kneehigh nylons work just right to hold the hair down without holding it too tight. Sometimes I cut a kneehigh in half or thirds so I can use one stocking on several dolls. I buy them in four-packs at Walmart for $1. (Can you tell I spend a lot of time and money at Walmart?? I should get paid for all these referrals...)

Since I discovered kneehigh's I use them all the time. I use them after shampoo, or to hold the hair in place when I'm working on other problems such as eyelashes. If a doll's hair is pretty good, I just dampen it a little and put a kneehigh nylon on so it holds the hair that frames the face. Sometimes this is all that is needed to get the hair to tame down a little.

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