Baby Crissy's Tail

Here is a very nice replacement tail for Baby Crissy, which may be purchased in my EBAY STORE. The tail is much longer than her original one and the color is almost a perfect match for the dolls with dark auburn hair.

Someone told me that Baby Crissy may have variation in hair color, and it can be lighter or darker. The Crissy Baby in this photo has hair that is a rich dark auburn red.

I cannot assist you with replacing the tail... you need to be somewhat handy and crafty and maybe even daring in order to do that. Baby Crissy's head comes off fairly easily. Use a flat blade screwdriver if necessary to get leverage but do not apply pressure that damages the vinyl. It's not necessary to do that.

There is a cardboard piece inside that has (usually) fallen inside the body but if the piece is still in place it might give you some resistance.

Attach lightweight cord to the hairpiece. Tie it in the middle through the fold in the middle of the hairpiece. Then thread the cord

  1. Through the hole in the top of Baby Crissy's head,
  2. Through the neck,
  3. Then into the neck of the body
  4. And out the hole in the middle of Crissy's back.


Put the head back on the neck. Doesn't matter if the cardboard piece goes back in or not. Pull on the cord so the hairpiece goes into the top of the head and down the hole a little way. Adjust the length of the cord and attach a pull ring of some kind. Tie the knots firmly. You can glue the knots also with craft glue such as Elmer's Household Glue but do not use superglue, which can erode some types of cord.

Now try pulling the tail in and it should work without a problem.

The hard part is finding the right hair piece. Once you have the replacement hair, the handyman in your family can help with attaching it, if you have difficulty. It's an easy project for handy people.

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