For removing rust stains from fabrics


Safely and Easily Removes Rust Stains From Most Fabrics

Rustaid can be purchased at hardware stores, I think. It's used for removing rust stains from many things such as boat decks or due to lawn sprinklers. And, it safely and easily removes rust stains from most fabrics. Rustaid's™ proven safe formula removes rust stains from most fabrics by means of a neutralizing chemical reaction. Requires no rubbing or scrubbing that could be damaging.

The Rustaid™ formula contains a mild organic acid and not the usual aggressive acids currently being used. Rustaid™ is biodegradable, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and meets E.P.A. guidelines.

Of course, not all fabrics will survive cleaning. Velvets should not be hand washed. And some old doll clothes are too fragile to be cleaned. I recommend these products because I've been very satisfied, but the tips and tricks on these pages cannot be guaranteed. Especially when cleaning vintage items, it is at your own risk.

Link to Rustaid Chemical Properties

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