For cleaning fragile fabrics




OxyClean comes in a detergent or stain removal formula. It is available at many grocery stores now. We do recommend it for cleaning doll clothes. It's really amazing for soaking stains out of old, fragile doll clothes. Does an awesome job.

We put the doll dress in a small tub with warm water and a scoop of OxyClean Stain Specialist in the water. Then allow it to soak for hours or overnight. I swish the garment around occasionally. If the water gets nasty looking, which does happen often, then I make a fresh tub of water and OxyClean and continue soaking the dress.

The only trick to know about OxyClean: you must rinse and rinse and rinse because if there is any soap residue left, it will turn brown when you iron the garment and then it's necessary to wash it again.

Of course, not all fabrics will survive cleaning. Velvets should not be hand washed. And some old doll clothes are too fragile to be cleaned. I recommend these products because I've been very satisfied, but the tips and tricks on these pages cannot be guaranteed. Especially when cleaning vintage items, it is at your own risk.

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