How to Clean
Corroded Battery Compartments


Sometimes batteries leak and you will find dried battery crystals and blue corrosion inside the battery compartment of your doll. Remove the batteries and crystals without touching them with your bare hands. Use a small brush or rag or both to clean out the compartment until it is clean again.

To remove the corrosion from the metal pieces inside the compartment, use an emery board to sand down to shiny metal again. It does not require a lot of sanding, just enough so the batteries will contact the metal points. If the wire coils are all corroded, I have sprayed oil on them and then wipe them clean with a cloth. Then I sand the coils with the emery board after the oil has cleaned them off a little. I

did this on a rollerskating doll and now she works fine. Her compartment was one of the worst I've had to clean up.

If the batteries leak and you find liquid battery acid in the compartment, then be extra careful to clean without touching the acid. Use rags and tissues and it might be a good idea to wear gloves. The crystals are not as caustic as the liquid acid.

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