Do-it-Yourself Dolly eBook

These pages tell about tools and tricks I use for refurbishing and restoring vintage dolls, as well as making reborn dolls. I have learned these things by trial and error. I don't consider myself an expert, so I must make the disclaimer that if you try my methods, it must be at your own risk.

Perhaps something here will be useful for you as well. There is an incredible amount of information so take your time, and visit often.

~ PrillyCharmin's Sewing Pattern Instructions

~ Helpful Hints for Seamstresses

~ Vintage Dolls:

~ Baby Face Dolls:

~ Hair Tricks & Tips:

~ Restringing Dolls:

~ Rooting (or re-rooting) with Felting Needles:

~ Misc. Doll Projects Stories

~ Caution: No! No!

~ Reborn Dolls:

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