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Make Your Own Booties or Doll Socks!!


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Make Your Own Booties - Socks

Some of you have inquired about socks that you can use for making booties. These thigh-high white socks are knitted with baby-fine yarn and are perfect for doll booties. They are stretchy, so they will fit a range of dolls. They are approximately 9 inches long and 1.6 inches wide. The top has elastic knitted in. There is plenty of length to make booties for even the big Berenguer babies. I cut 3 inches off the top of the socks to make the booties, below:

These pretty booty-socks fit the 20 inch Lababy dolls very well (80mm foot length). The socks stretch to almost any doll width -- unless the doll has extraordinarily wide fat feet... the CPK dolls are a bit of a stretch, for example, but I did get them on my CPK doll. The very maximum stretch is up to 8 inches around.

Because the socks are knitted, it would also be very easy to crochet a ruffled edge on the socks. There are lots of beautiful things that creative people could do with them.

AND THAT's NOT ALL YOU CAN DO WITH THESE SOCKS!! You can cut the socks in half and stitch the toe, to get one PAIR of socks out of one sock. The new socks will fit Baby Face and American Girl dolls. (68mm to 74mm sizes.)

Or, you can cut the socks shorter (or roll the socks down) to use for Chatty or My Twinn. The socks are narrow but stretchy, so they fit a whole lot of dolls. Just cut them to the right length and roll a cuff. Or sew lace around the edge for custom laced anklets. There are endless possibilities for special custom socks!

These socks can even be made into tights for Ginny or Riley. The top of the sock is perfect for the waistband. So cut up the middle of the sock, part way, and stitch the inseam to make tights: this takes about 5 minutes.