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Synthetic Hair

This page offers synthetic hair pieces for rooting VINTAGE dolls. I originally wanted these pieces in order to replace the tails on Crissy dolls, but they are useful for re-rooting old dolls, especially vintage dolls from the late 50's and 1960's.

NOTE: The hair weave trend seems to be past its prime now and our supplier is not stocking the Diana brand anymore: when our hair tails are gone that will likely be the end of it unless I can find a new supplier.

We do NOT recommend these hair tails for Reborn dolls. The Reborn dollmakers prefer mohair. We do not offer mohair at this time.

COLOR MATCHING. Our color selection is limited: we do not have access to a full spectrum so if you are trying to match color/texture exactly you would do better to look at thrift stores or bargain dolls at toy stores in order to find a color match. Sometimes you can match your old doll if you blend two colors together.
Doll collectors have used these hair tails to customize or repair MANY different kinds of dolls, with beautiful results!

The photo above shows:
130=Light Auburn
27B=Dark Honey Blonde
27=Honey Blonde
RY=Royal Blue
OC=Ocean Blue

SYNTHETIC FIBERS. These synthetic hair hanks are made of kanekalon or toyakalon or modacrylic. We stock mostly the DIANA brand, which is sleek yaki hair with a slight texture and natural shine. The dark honey color (27B) has a slightly waxy finish that is similar to the old Madame Alexander dolls, and it's nearly the same golden blonde color too.

ROOTING THE HAIR. I use Felting Needles for rooting dolls. You can learn how to do this if you click on this link and look at the Felting Needle instructions: Doll Restoration & Reborns Site
I have used the hair pieces on this page to re-root Baby Crissy. I mixed hair fibers from auburn and ginger tails in order to custom blend a color that matched her original hair color exactly. My doll's bangs had been cut, so I trimmed the hair plugs down to the scalp in that area and rerooted most of the front. The project took a couple of hours at the most, and she looks like new. Here is the doll I re-rooted:

The Crissy Doctors rerooted Baby Crissy as a blonde.
Look at this stunning makeover:

The Crissy Doctors used three packages of synthetic fiber on this doll: two packages for re-rooting, and one package to replace the tail. The tail shown is the long length.

REROOTING VINTAGE DOLLS. We absolutely LOVE the makeovers that have been done, using our gorgeous hair tails. At the bottom of this page, you will find more information on rerooting and makeovers.

STYLING THE HAIR. Our synthetic hair tails can be styled like real hair. We have used rollers and styling gel with good results. (We have not tried to use electric rollers.) You can use a hair dryer to heat the hair and mold it to the rollers, BUT be careful not to overheat the hair or it will melt. You cannot use a curling iron with these hair tails.

BOILING WATER METHOD. One lady who has been experimenting with the Diana brand hair pieces says they do curl very nicely using the hot water method. To do this, you roll the hair on straws (secure with a bobby pin) or use perm rollers or small rollers. Then pour very hot water over the hair (boiling hot)... but be careful to avoid the doll's face and lashes so they aren't damaged by the hot water. You can find instructions for the boiling water method online. You may want to PRACTICE first before experimenting with a valuable doll!

REPLACEMENT TAILS FOR CRISSY DOLLS. This photo shows the long hair tail on Baby Crissy. (Photo is courtesy of the Crissy doctors.) The Short Tails are not quite as long as Baby Crissy's original hair tail.


DYE LOTS. Please understand that hair color does vary with every shipment so be sure to buy all you need for your project because the next dye lot might not be exactly the same color. If any of you do knitting or crochet, then you know how important it is to match dye lots!

FINAL SALE: Craft items such as wigs and hairpieces are not returnable.

LONG HAIR TAILS. Our hair packages are available in SHORT length or LONG length. The LONG hair tails are bundled as one hank, with a length of approximately 24 inches Short tails are 14-15 inches long and are bundled as two tails in a package. Both short and long packages have approximately the same quantity of hair.

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