Madame Alex CATALOGS on DVD 1955-1979

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Madame Alexander Sales Flyers 1955-1979   
Scanned Images on DVD!

This auction includes 1 DVD Disk
with more than 450 images on it.

A few years ago I acquired an ORIGINAL printed set of Madame Alexander salesman's trade flyers for the 50's, 60's and 70's. They were used by sales personnel to show what was available for the coming season. This collection of Saleman Trade Flyers is the best reference I've ever found for doing research on the old Madame Alexander dolls.

My set of original flyers are black and white ink-printed pages (photocopiers didn't exist yet.)

THIS SET ON DVD includes SCANS of all those Salesman catalogs from 1955 to 1979, plus scans of a few odd catalog pages from the 1940's. There are hundreds of scanned pages on this DVD, and they are all arranged according to year so you can find them easily.

You can use your computer's file manager to view the catalog pages and print them on your printer. (If you need a photo organizer then I always recommend XNView which is free online.)

COPYRIGHTS... The original catalogs have no copyright mark on them at all anywhere: possibly this was by design so Salesmen could make as many copies as they wanted to for their customers. So, these catalog pages are royalty-free.

We do reserve rights on the DVD itself because the disk does contain some proprietary work. You can print and share the catalog pages as much as you like: you just can't duplicate our DVD.

PHOTOS... The black and white photos in the flyers are sometimes not-so-great: remember this was the 50's and 60's. Even so, there's enough detail to see the dolls and the outfits very well, even on the darker photos. And, many of the photos are very nice and clear.

DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS... Even better than the old photos are the DESCRIPTIONS, which give detailed info about each doll, her clothing, and the various playsets that she may have been packaged in that year, plus accessories that were available for specific dolls.

COMPLETE... Doll books try to resurrect facts about our old dolls, and are sometimes written many years or decades after the dolls were made, so information may be very sketchy. THESE flyers provide complete information about the dolls as they were produced. I doubt it gets any better or more accurate than this.

For example, our doll club posted a photo of a mystery doll. One collector said it was one doll, and another collector said it was another doll. I looked it up in our trade flyers and discovered that everybody was right; the doll was introduced in 1960 under one name. Then, for the next two years it was sold as something else. The difference was mainly the clothes she was sold in.  This information wasn't in any of our doll books, but it WAS in the Salesman Flyers!

  • CISSY... The years 1955 to 1959 do include the fashion doll Cissy.  The photos show Cissy in various outfits for those years.  
  • ALEXANDERKINS... The Alexanderkins are all here of course. The pictures are small but useful, and show when the various dolls and sets were made.
  • BABYDOLLS... I have a huge library of doll books, but they don't provide much information about the Madame Alexander babydolls. The focus is usually on the fashionable ladies. So, that's another thing that's really wonderful about these trade flyers! The trade flyers show ALL of the MA babies and their outfits AND the years that they were produced.

No more missing information! It's all here, in chronological order. The fashion dolls, babies, outfits they were sold in, toys and plush animals, rare cloth dolls, walkers, 8 inch hard plastic dolls, vinyl dolls, deluxe layettes, party dresses and lots more!!

GOOD VALUE... This DVD contains ALL the catalogs that we have. In the past we've sold booklets that we copied off, but it was expensive to do that: so we mainly sold 1955 to 1959 only. It was too much work and expense to provide the entire set of 25 years. But NOW with this DVD, you can have them all.

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