MAGIC 8 ~ Pattern for Easy Sunsuits & Bonnets ~ 8 Sizes!

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MAGIC 8 ~ Easy Sunsuits & Bonnets Pattern ~ 8 Sizes!

This one-piece sunsuit pattern was inspired by antique clothing on our dolls. This simple suit is very cute on baby doll types and looks especially cute on the chubby dolls. The sunbonnet pattern is included, in 10 sizes.

The sunsuit wraps around and ties at the waist in front. It also ties at the neck in back.

There are infinite ways to decorate and trim this suit. We used readymade bias tape on one sunsuit. We made our own bias tape out of gingham fabric for another sunsuit. We used only rickrack to trim the edges of another sunsuit. (We made the brim on this bonnet a little longer so fits like her original red visor.)

You could put ruffles across the backside, if you wanted. If you used knit or spandex fabric, this pattern would also work well as a swimsuit pattern for baby dolls. An antique sunsuit that inspired our pattern was made with pink taffeta and trimmed with dainty ruffled lace, so it also looks great when made with dressy fabrics.

This photo shows how the sunsuit is all one easy piece to stitch up. Patterns are sized according the body length. To determine what size your dolly needs, just measure your doll from the base of the neck to the center crotch. The sunsuit patterns are marked according to body length.

Here, our antique composition babydoll models the sunsuit and bonnet. This style is "suitable" for the antique babies because it's very similar to the clothing they originally wore.

INCLUDES BONNET PATTERN in 8 SIZES: This is the easiest doll bonnet we have ever seen! It's simple design is perfect for our vintage dolls. There are two darts in the back of the bonnet, for shaping.


BONNET SIZE 1 = 5-6 inches
BONNET SIZE 2 = 7-8 inches
BONNET SIZE 3 = 8-9 inches
BONNET SIZE 4 = 9-10 inches
BONNET SIZE 5 = 10-11 inches
BONNET SIZE 6 = 11-12 inches
BONNET SIZE 7 = 12-13 inches
BONNET SIZE 8 = 13-14 inches

The pattern includes: the sunsuit pattern in 8 sizes and the sunbonnet pattern in 8 sizes. Simple instructions are included with the pattern. -- More of Prillycharmin's sewing pattern instructions are at this link, where you will find additional photos and helpful hints for our custom patterns:

Yes, all PrillyCharmin patterns are REAL sewing patterns, on large size paper, that you cut out and use with fabric.

UNIQUE PATTERN. Many hours of work went into designing these patterns. We hope you find the pattern useful and helpful.This is a PrillyCharmin exclusive product. Copyright 2009 Cynthia Stevens, all rights reserved.

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