MAGIC 3 ~ Glamour Baby Doll Dress Patterns

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MAGIC 3 ~ Glamour Baby Doll Dress Pattern

The MAGIC-3 Glamour Baby Dress Pattern is our own design, made especially for the big, chubby vintage babies that we favor. There are three sizes included in the pattern: just measure your doll's chest to determine which bodice pattern will fit your doll.

This pattern will fit vinyl dolls from 18 inches up to 22 or 24 inches. Most of the large vinyl babies 18-20 inches will wear the smallest size. The chubby toddlers such as Kissy, the Horsman Ruthie toddlers or the large Baby Crissy will wear the largest size. Measurements are provided so you'll have an idea of which size you need to choose.

We call this a Glamour Baby pattern because it's a very elegant dress-up pattern. The vintage babydolls usually have a wide neck and chubby arms, so the bodice is specially shaped for their chubby baby figures.

The skirt is a hybrid U shape that combines a full skirt with a circle skirt: it was inspired by an antique apron we had. The skirt lays very pretty around the doll.


Here are four photos of our unique Bubble sleeve (in various sizes.) The Bubble sleeve was inspired by antique doll clothing: it's a puff sleeve that does not require elastic (which means the elastic will never give out and ruin the sleeve!)

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to make our GLAMOUR BABY dresses.

Yes, all PrillyCharmin patterns are REAL sewing patterns, on large size paper, that you cut out and use with fabric.

Here, our Horsman Ruthie toddler models the Glamour Baby pattern. She is approximately the same size as the big Kissy doll.

UNIQUE PATTERN. Many hours of work went into designing these patterns. We hope you find the pattern useful and helpful.This is a PrillyCharmin exclusive product. Copyright 2009 Cynthia Stevens, all rights reserved.

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