Eight Baby Face Costumes

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Eight Baby Face Costumes



PrillyCharmin's custom pattern for Baby Face costumes: specially designed for the chubby 13-inch Baby Face dolls by Galoob.

Includes all pattern pieces for at least 8 different costumes plus shoes and tights. Variations inspire endless possibilities. The photo above shows the Snowman costume, which includes a floppy hat and carrot nose, snowball body, white jumpsuit, white hood, and white slippers.

OPTIONAL: The knitted scarf and mittens are not included in this pattern: those are purchased items.

The Pumpkin costume includes bodysuit, pumpkin body, slippers and beret style hat with green felt leaves.

OPTIONAL: Pumpkin baskets are party favor size and just perfect for dolls.

The rabbit costume includes the bodysuit and a hood with the big floppy ears. OPTIONAL: the drum set is optional.

The fat pompom tail is handmade with yarn.

Our Black Kitty costume includes body suit, circle skirt, pink felt moon-shoes, and hood with kitty ears. Or, you can make it with mouse ears for a mouse variation.

OPTIONAL: Whiskers are made with foil pipecleaners, and glued on with removable craft glue.

The Bumble Bee pattern is like the snowman pattern, with body suit, round Bumblebee body, yellow moon-shoes and the hood has glittery pipecleaners for antennae. (Note: The yellow moon-shoes are great for clown shoes.)

OPTIONAL: We used wide velvet braid for the black bumblebee stripes. The braid is textured and woven so it's perfect for fuzzy bee stripes. You can buy the braid below.

This photo is faded out so you can see how the velvet is woven.

Here, the body suit is the main part of Naomi's costume. We glued rhinestones on the front, and added a hair ribbon scrunchy as a tutu. Instead of slippers, we glued pompoms to her toes.

OPTIONAL:Naomi is a CandyCane Fairy ballerina! So of course she needs a tiara to complete her costume.

Our revised and improved Christmas Elf pattern includes bodysuit with matching hat, Christmas tree dress and elf shoes with turned up toes. The green felt dress is generously decorated with metallic rickrac, rhinestones and glittery fabric paint.

As a variation, you can use the Christmas tree dress pattern to make Pebbles' animal print tent dress.

This pattern is useful for much more than costumes. The tights and shoes patterns can be used for normal clothing, and the bodysuit pattern can be used for making pajamas.

Minimal instructions are included. This is not a simplicity pattern and novice seamstresses might not be comfortable with using it but most ladies who sew will find it easy to work with. We cannot provide online support, but we do have additional photos and sewing instructions at this link:

Click here for

Yes, all PrillyCharmin patterns are REAL sewing patterns, copied on large size paper, that you cut out and use with fabric.

Eight Baby Face Costumes



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