Baby Face Gone - B A D!!!

Birthday Time!!

The girls had been bouncing off the walls all week, after twelve long months of waiting it was birthday time once again! Sarah broke out the party gear and was ready to go. But this year, the other girls didn't want a "baby party" - they wanted to go out for their birthday. Sarah was very disappointed.

I protested but Sherri promised me that she would be in charge and take good care of her sisters.
Reluctently, I agreed and said they could go out for a few hours, but they had to be in by 11:pm or else! They all smiled and nodded, so I gave Sherri my ATM card, cell phone, and car keys.

I told Sherri no more than $60, just enough to cover movie tickets and soda pop for four.
Hmmm least I think that's where they were headed. She said catch the show and a few drinks.

It's easy to see how she accidently withdrew $600, she had never used an ATM after all. Just wish she hadn't spent half of it.

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