Playtime with Cuddles!

The C.O.D. or Cuddle on Delivery dolls were designed by Mel Birnkrant and manufactured by Tyco. They were made in 1997 and sold on store shelves for less than a year before Mattel bought Tyco and the dolls were discontinued.

Cuddles sold very well and were doing better than Cabbage Patch at the time. They can't be found on store shelves anymore. (However, they are available in PrillyCharmin's Doll Shop!)

For more information, you can read about
the Cuddles dolls in
Mel's Photo Album of Dolls.

Here are all four of the mailbox dolls: blonde with blue eyes, brunette with dark brown eyes, redhead with lavendar eyes and black doll with topaz eyes! They all have the same happy, toothy expression on their faces.


Dress Up! The Cuddles are wearing Flower Fairy Costumes from the small CPK dolls that were made a few years ago.

The Cuddle on Delivery dolls are very expressive little characters like their big sisters, Baby Face by Galoob. They are interested and intent on everything they do.

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