Cuddle On Delivery!

When you say NRFB with a C.O.D., this is serious business because "Some Assembly Is Required." Just opening the box and checking out the contents is a game and a puzzle all by itself.

This web page will take you step by step as I open the box and discover the contents....

1. The Box. Still sealed with factory tape!!

2. Three cardboard containers and a pamplet with instructions for Assembly. Assembly??

3. Pieces of the mailbox, wrapped in manila paper and sealed with tape.

4. Everything is unwrapped. What next?

5. I assembled the mailbox without looking at the instructions of course. I would have saved myself considerable time if I had read the instructions.

6. Accessories!! There is a cardboard sheet with inserts for the mailbox (front & sides.) There is also a baby book, stamps for the baby book, a letter to My New Mommy (it says this baby is HUNGRY.) And, a bib and a cushion for the mailbox/chair.

7. My little C.O.D. has now been removed from the cardboard holder. The doll was fastened by ankles and neck with twist ties and the ponytail was tied to the top of the little box holder.

8. On the back of the diaper is the C.O.D. stamp, which makes my new dolly very Official and Authentic. We can see that it is a Girl because she has pink postage stamps on her diaper.

9. What is her name?? I take a paper wrapper off her arm band, and I remove a piece of matching colorful adhesive tape AND... her name is Jacquelyn Susannah!!

10. Jackie has MORE Accessories!! She is a hungry baby, so she has a spoon, and a divided baby plate, a bottle, and she has a teddy bear toy that attaches to her food tray. The umbrella top spins around for Fun.

11. At last!! Jackie is having lunch. She is a happy baby!! And, she is wearing her bib now.

12. The side view shows how the cardboard inserts decorate the front and sides of the mailbox.

13. Now, we introduce Jackie to a Friend. Our sad little friend is an orphan and no one knows her name.

14. The two of them put the toys away in the Secret Compartment inside the chair.

15. Maybe our sad little orphan will cheer up if she has lunch, too. No, she wants to play.

16. Here are my two C.O.D. dolls. They are a perfect pair, don't you think?

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