The Dollies' Christmas Tree
~ by Valerie ~

Some of the dolls have come out to see the Tree...
and what's underneath.

Hmm, what is Sherri up to?

The Tree

Sherri says, "I'm only looking, honest!" Is it just me or does her halo look as if it's about to -POP-?

Christmas Eve

Tess helps Penny hang up her stocking before they read a bedtime story: The Night before Christmas

Christmas Morning

Yay, it's Christmas Day! DeeDee, Sherri and Natalie can open the Mysterious Package AT LAST!

DeeDee excitedly reads the tag

"It's from Auntie Betty! I wonder what it can be?"

Sherri says, "It's very SOFT... I've felt it all over..."

Opening... opening...

Sherri has the ribbon off in the blink of an eye.
Natalie gets one end open.

The three girls PULL the paper apart...


Oohhs and Ahhhhs as the three hold up
the most exquisite skating dress they've ever seen!

But who will wear it?

Natalie holds the outfit against herself.
"It looks like just my size! I'd look great in it!!"


Sherri is sure the dress was meant for her.
"The colour goes so well with my red hair!"

Who has the skates?

She who has the skates, wears the dress!


Natalie and Sherri applaud as DeeDee
shows them her T start.
She promises to teach them both to skate, too.

Sherri, DeeDee and Natalie are thrilled!

"Thank you, Auntie Betty!", DeeDee says.

"Thank you, Auntie Betty!"

By Valerie ~ Australia