Tale of Two Suzies
~ by Janet ~

This is a Tale of Two Suzies
who went 'sploring one day.

They found the HUGE boulders
'help me ' says Suzie 2 !

I'm the king of the world !
we thaw that movie :)

Wonder what's in there?
'poke a stick in' says brave Suzie

We're afwaid!!
Lions an' tigers an' bears -- oh my !

Oh it's just old LC.
He's twying to scare us.

Help! I wuz swingin on a vine --
This doesn't happen to Tarzan.

Get it off of me NOW!!

Oooh pwetty flowers -
Oh no! poison ivy!
Quick lets run home!

Oh that's better ... 'bye poison ivy.

We had a fun adventure didn't we?

by Janet :)