Baby Face Poems
~ by Roxanne ~

Our Silly Little Girls

Sandi cuddles Brook all day,
while Sarah pouts the day away;

Suzie's shocked at Natalie,
and Sherri's kind of tattley;

Karen watches Becca sing,
as Charlene finds it upsetting;

Cynthia took Tina's hand,
and led her `way, cause it was bland;

Heidi plays with Naomi,
in the fort they made homey;

Laura, who is such a flirt,
blows sweet kisses if you're hurt;

Cara copies DeeDee's face,
tongue's stick out most every place!

by Roxanne Everson ~ ehasumo

Tooth Fairy!

When Sally went and lost her tooth,
Penny sought to know the truth;
Hannah held it in her hand,
while Carmen wrote a note, as planned.

Soon all the girls were `round the bed,
Sally's pillow `neath her head;
Hours passed, excitement grew,
but all became so sleepy, too.

When at last the morning came,
a golden coin, the tooth became.
Penny cheered "toothfairy's real",
and everyone shared in the thrill.

by Roxanne Everson ~ ehasumo