So Surprised Sirod's

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Sirod, Sooz-bot and Lauren had fallen asleep along the way to Tierra Spectral and were cutting zzzzs, when a loud clattering alarm jolted them out of their little "reverie." No longer was the rocket cruising smoothly along, but rather, was vibrating furiously in a 360° rotational trajectory, straight toward a planet they had never seen before. Sirod prayed silently that this was the intended destination, being that it looked like landing was imminent.

With a loud and none too gentle thud, Sirod's rocket came to rest in a field of dirt, coming to rest against a giant boulder. After checking to make sure nothing was broken, and all parties were okay, they alighted from the craft with some trepidation to find, with no small relief, that the craft had only minor damage. Hopefully, they would find someone who could assist with any needed repairs. Sooz-bot started right in a fussing about vital parts and malfunctioning navigational systems, but Sirod reassured her that all would be well, and so onward they tromped into strange and unknown territory. It seemed that this planet was entirely uninhabited, and looked quite inhospitable. Sirod checked her celestial compass and star maps that Zira had given her. Yes, it looked like this was indeed Tierra Spectral, but were these weary travelers to be the only inhabitants?

Gathering their wits and courage around them like a comforting cloak, Sirod decided to leave her two landing partners behind and beneath the only tree they had come upon, that had a running brook right beside it. Getting no argument from Sooz-bot and Lauren, Sirod cautiously set out to find the inhabitants of this foreboding planet. She walked, and walked, and walked, for what seemed like interminable hours and miles, when suddenly, the ground rumbled, gave out from under her, sucking her down, down, down, through a dark dusty tunnel. Surprisingly, Sirod landed gently on what felt like mushrooms and moss both. She was grateful to have survived this new "journey", but couldn't help wonder what would happen next.

Suddenly, a multitude of brilliant crystals flickered on, casting a magical glow to a giant cavern into which Sirod had fallen. Sirod sat there somewhat dazed when to her absolute amazement, numerous Baby Face sisters came out from behind some particularly large brilliant crystals. Sirod sat there speechless, for she could not believe her eyes. These Baby Face Sisters were not at all like the sisters she knew back on earth, there wasn't a normal one among them and they were every color of the rainbow, including blue, yellow and green, among others too wondrous to describe!!

At last, Sirod had her answer, she was not alone in her uniqueness, she had many sisters, different but the same as her! All the sisters began speaking to her at once, making it quite impossible to make out what anyone was saying. Just as Sirod=s head began spinning, with the feeling of imminent unconsciousness about to wash over her, one particularly lovely Baby Face stepped forward, gently raising her hands for quite, which thankfully had the immediate effect of silencing all in the cavern.

Greetings Sirod, my name is Queen Cyndy-Sherrie, and I lead this rag tag group of cosmic citizens in our continued quest to live peaceably on our planet, despite the evil doings of the Baby Face McNappers, who have for ages tried to extinguish our race, by hook or crook. Being that Sirod continued to look confused, Queen Cyndy went on to explain that these McNappers constantly raided Tierra Spectral, a once verdant and vibrant planet on the surface, until the Baby Face had no choice but to live underground. The Spectral Baby Face were survivors however, and had made a onetime harsh dark subterranean world into a beautiful dazzling place to live, alive with color and warmth, safe from the evil intentions of the McNappers.

Sirod was almost too overcome with all the amazing sites to move, and there was a most significant difference to these Spectralian sisters, they didn't have a stitch of clothing on, and were happily cavorting nekkid all about the cavern!!! Sirod, having the philosophy, "when in Rome", and with the assistance and encouragement of her sisters, dusted herself off, discarded her travel ensemble to the wayside, and in her newly discovered birthday suit, foraged on to view the wonders of the cavern.

Her newfound Baby Face sisters sent out a search party to bring Sooz-bot and Lauren down below, and Lauren, without much nudging, got nekkid too, and soon all were joyfully reunited, gleefully exploring this new world. Of course Sooz-bot was feeling a little left out, she had no clothes to shed, but was soon distracted by the sight of a handsome stranger.

Being subterranean, all the living quarters were made of crystal, and almost looked as if they were illuminated from deep within the crystals themselves. The visitors soon learned that all the illumination power was from a fusion plant discovered deeper still within the planet, a remnant of some previous advanced culture long since vanished.

Happily, Sirod, Lauren and Sooz-bot were to spend many days and months living amongst their rainbow sisters, learning of the extensive history of Tierra Spectral, partaking in the many cultural activities and festivities unique to the planet.

Love even came to visit this daring little expedition!! Sooz-bot found a new beau, a handsome scoundrel named Doggy-bot, and fell deeply in love. With talk of wedding bells ringing, Sooz-bot was so happy, she soon ceased all griping and moaning, and some were said to say that Sooz-bot was a new Bot, sweet, placid, and most lovely to be around.

Soon however, Sirod knew she must leave, as there were the others who would always love her dearly, and must surely be missing her now. Further, after learning the complete history of Tierra Spectral, Sirod now understood why she must return. In their wisdom, her ancestors had sent many of her sisters, soon after birth, in tiny shiny crafts to numerous other worlds, ensuring the continuation of their kind even if someday the evil McNappers succeeded in their attempts to obliterate any and all happy good natured species such as the Spectralians.

With this knowledge, Sirod began with some small regret and sadness, to make preparations to return to earth. Sooz-bot would not be returning to Mother Earth with the sisters, now that love had come a calling.

But lady luck was smiling down on Sirod's little party. It turns out a lovely blue Baby Face named So Surprised Srenda, who had been marooned on Tierra Spectral for some time, was in need of a "lift" home. Srenda had lamented the thought of ever returning to her Momma Brenda, when her spacecraft had crash landed years ago after the same such journey as Sirod had attempted. Lucky for all those involved, Srenda was a cracker jack navigator, so with minimal study, Srenda was ready to guide these cosmic travelers safely on their journey home.


Finally, the day came, as Sirod knew it must, to return to earth. In the days and months since arriving on Tierra Spectral, her clever sisters had long since repaired her craft. With no other reason to delay, Sirod and her party spent their remaining days taking their leave of all their new and precious friends, which took no small amount of time, being that their new friends were numerous and talkative.

With a somewhat heavy heart, the party boarded the rocket, gave a long last wave to all those below, and set the rocket in motion. With some comfort, all those aboard reminded themselves that all though they were leaving many new loved ones behind, they were coming back to just as many loved ones back on earth. With that thought, Sirod set the rocket's autopilot, and all settled in for a deep sleep, and with the brilliant stars above to guide them, they gently drifted off into dreamland and with any luck, destination Earth!

The End For Now.....
Look for Sirod's next exciting adventure:
"Queen Cyndy-Sherrie, Coming to America"
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