So Surprised Sirod's

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Sirod awoke bright and early the next morning, bounding out of bed with an exuberant leap. Sirod had things to do today! But first, a nutritious breakfast of fruit, toast and bran. Sirod was well aware of the benefits of being "regular", especially with the long journey ahead of her.

Next, it was off to her secret work room, down a long dark corridor, behind a secret door. After entering the secret code on the access panel behind the wall switch, a hidden door slid silently open, beckoning Sirod to enter. Here, she sat down for a chat with her mysterious buddy Zira about places far away, such as planets the likes of which Zira and Sirod had come from. Sirod had noticed long ago that Zira was different from the other dollies, but like her sisters, she had never paid any mind to that. Now Sirod realized that in Zira, she had a very valuable resource, information about otherworldly places.

Zira invited Sirod to take a walk outside the earshot of the now very curious Baby Faces Sisters. This was information that Zira had never before spoken of. It turns out that Zira was not from this planet either, but rather, from Venus. Zira had made the journey back many years ago to discover her beginnings, but that is another story for another day. What Zira would tell Sirod was that she had constructed a solar powered blower rocket to propel her to Venus, that had lasted long enough to make the round trip journey, but sadly, had crash landed upon return to mother earth. What did remain of this blower rocket, was the blueprints, of which Zira now handed over to Sirod, after removing them from them from their secret hiding place in the broom closet. The broom closet was a good place to hide things, because no one in the family liked to go there unless absolutely necessary, and as infrequently as possible.

Zira encouraged Sirod to use her ingenuity to make a new rocket to carry her to Tierra Spectral and find the answers to the questions of her beginnings. Barely containing her excitement, Sirod thanked Zira, and rushed back to the workroom to begin construction. All the other dollies were anxious to help Sirod, being that everyone could understand Sirod's quest for answers.

All through the night they worked diligently, pounding and hammering, welding and sawing, until early in the wee hours of the morning, Sirod=s new solar powered blower rocket arose from the debris of what had previously been discarded junk and old broken down household appliances. It might not look like much, but Sirod and her compatriots were confident that the craft would withstand the rigors of the long journey to Tierra Spectral. Now all that remained were the final preparations of packing, gathering provisions, and catching a little shut eye before setting off.

To be continued...