Suzie Adventures!

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So Surprised Sirod's


Long, long ago, in a land far away, there lived a Baby Face named So Surprised Sirod. She was a sweet natured imp, full of life and energy, living happily with her Mommy in "Small Town USA".

Sirod had many friends, most of good intentions, who often played with her in a delightful little courtyard in front of her home. She did have one friend however, of sometimes questionable intentions, named Farbie. Farbie was long and lean for a little dolly, with grasshopper legs, and a body advanced beyond most of her contemporaries.

Farbie was not happy and content like the other little dollies who played with Sirod in the courtyard. Farbie was always worrying about her looks, wondering if she measured up, and was obsessed with being the "prettiest dolly in the land". Hence, Farbie was not often found without her mirror, checking and primping her hair and face, never quite happy with her appearance.

Farbie found it mildy irritating that Sirod never seemed to give a care about her appearance, other than to maintain cleanly habits. So when Sirod had her next birthday party in the courtyard with all her friends, Farbie presented to her an item Sirod had never bothered looking into before, her own private hand mirror.

What a lovely mirror it was, gilt silver, intricately designed, that just invited a closer look. After thanking Farbie for her kindness, Sirod wasted no time gazing into the lovely mirror, when to her shock, she realized, as she never had before, that she was different!

Sirod had many Baby Face sisters she played with, but being of good and accepting nature, none had felt it important to point out to Sirod that she looked different than her sisters. Sirod was violet purple in color, with matching hair and lips. The only similarity between Sirod and Sister Suzie were her lovely blue eyes.

Being that none of the other little girls had ever made fun of Sirod, she wasn't particularly alarmed that she was different, just a little puzzled. So right off, Sirod trotted inside to ask her Mommy why she was purple. It was then that Sirod found out that she was adopted years before, not from earth, but from the distant and mysterious planet called Tierra Spectral.

Sirod's little head was just buzzing with questions, but with night falling, it was time for bed. There would be plenty of tomorrows to investigate this newfound information. As Sirod drifted off to sleep that night, she wondered what adventures and answers she would find in her quest to discover whether there were others out there, just like her.

To be continued...