Suzie & the Welcome Committee!

Suzie is having an identity CRISIS. Someone (it was not me) told her she was one of the "common" Baby Face dolls. Oh my goodness. This news put Suzie into an absolute tailspin. Sputtering. Stuttering. Suzie has NOT stopped talking since. Common? COMMON??? She couldn't believe her little vinyl ears.

After all, she, SUZIE was the poster child of the Baby Face series of dolls. Her face appeared on the cover of the Galoob catalogs. She was featured 'specially in magazine articles. Her poster was prominent at Toy Fairs and trade shows. Suzie appeared in all the Galoob Baby Face commercials... Common??? !!!

Why, Suzie was the shining star of the entire Baby Face series! She sold more than any of the other Baby Face dolls. She and Cynthia, they were the most popular ones. And for that matter, how could any of the first issue Baby Face dolls be considered "common" at all? Only Barbie sold better that year of 1990, which is an awesome record and proud enough for any doll to be able to say with her chin held high.

AND... (Suzie was ranting by now) ... AND what other series of dolls can boast of ten different face molds in the FIRST year? Most of the time these doll companies make one mold and try to create an entire series with one single face. How boring. How uncreative!!

And Baby Face dolls have such unusual, unique faces! Where can you find a doll with a huge smile like Natalie? How often do you see a doll that is puckered up for kisses like Laura? Can you name another doll that is just as surprised as Suzie? Who could possibly be more fun than Penny or Heidi? Or sweeter than Sandi, Cynthia and shy little Sherri?

Not to mention the heavy, quality vinyl... the strung jointed limbs... Designer outfits... Oh no, these poor "common" Baby Faces are downright uncommon in every respect.

Suzie thinks this is no time to be modest. Maybe people don't know that Suzie and Heidi and Sandi were the three original Baby Face dolls who went to Toy Fair and won the Galoob contract in less than 5 minutes. It was most likely a world record. It should go into the Guinness Book! Deals like this are unheard of in the toy industry. Where were the "rare" Baby Faces THEN, that's what Suzie would like to know!!

And, this latecomer Sally, the one that is considered so rare... Sally was shown briefly in the second year catalog and was barely more than a prototype. She doesn't even have all her teeth. She did nothing significant for the Baby Face series. So what's the big deal about Sally?

Suzie was fuming. Suzie was ranting. She decided this news about being merely "common" needed some ACTION.

First of all, she needed a makeover. When in doubt, go to the beauty parlor. After ten years, a girl has a right to choose a whole new look...

Okay... if it's a blue ponytail they want, then Suzie can do one better. Suzie now has TWO blue ponytails. And please note that these ponytails are rooted in, they are not clips. This is the real thing. Suzie knows how to do things RIGHT.

For her new millenium makeover, Suzie also got a new dress in the popular millenium colors, designed by PrillyCharmin. The frock is blue and white with lace and trimmed with pink that has silver glitter... Suzie knows how to please her public.

And why has Suzie stirred herself to action? Because Suzie has noticed that there are many NEW Baby Face collectors online and she feels the need is urgent. The Baby Face community must not lose the truth of our heritage! (I think Suzie has evangelist tendencies.)

So, Suzie has appointed herself the official Baby Face Welcome Committee. She is the person in the Know, Suzie can tell you anything you might want to ask about Baby Face. She knows all the web sites to visit, the clubs to join, the eGroups to visit. (You can refer to the ME page for all that.)

And, Suzie even knows Mel Birnkrant himself. In the above photo, Suzie and all the not-so-COMMON Baby Face dolls from the first production are shown with Mr. Birnkrant, who is the father of Baby Face. He is the toy inventor who designed and created the Baby Face dolls in his remote northern workshop, while Mickey and Donald and a host of comic characters assisted him. (There are rumors that Mel Birnkrant might be the REAL Santa Claus.)

Suzie definitely wants to tell you about Mel's other toys and dolls. That's why she has assembled some of her younger brothers and sisters here to show you.

Suzie wants you to meet the Cuddle on Delivery dolls by Tyco (the happy guy in the santa suit) and the Color Me Cuties by Fisher Price. The Cuddle on Delivery dolls have lots of different face molds, same as Baby Face. And the Color Me Cuties come in brilliant colors with their own marker for decorating their outfits. But these two Cuties lost their markers already.

And, here are two of the Best Friends by Avon, as well as a rare example of one of Mel's pets. The cat in the hat is wearing rabbit ears. Suzie thinks these younger siblings are so adorable.

So, if you're interested in Baby Face dolls there is a lot to learn and know. Not only are there 36 Baby Face dolls with 19 different face molds all made in 1990 and 1991, there are many other wonderful dolls and toys that are related to Baby Face dolls.

Suzie is here on ebay to set the record straight. If you bid on Suzie, she will come to your house and introduce you to all these wonderful dolls PERSONALLY.

This "Welcome Committee" auction includes Suzie with the blue ponytails, plus two of the Color Me Cutie dolls (Paige pink and Yasmine yellow), plus one AA Cuddle on Delivery doll wearing his new santa suit, plus two of the Best Friends dolls with the pet cat. As shown together in the photo above. All these dolls have been played with (maybe) but are in excellent condition. Suzie herself has her new blue ponies instead of the blonde ones, and she has her own lashes which are very good with a couple of minor bends. Her face color is pretty and her blonde hair is like new condition so she was not played with much either.

Well, Suzie, have you got it out of your system now? Are you finished? There is no reserve on this auction, but Suzie asked me to put a Buy-it-Now price of $999.99 as her own personal Statement. Hmmpfff.

The Winner of this Welcome Committee auction will pay the high bid plus actual UPS insured travel fare for Suzie and her friends from Florida zip code 34655, plus one dollar for the baggage checkin person at the UPS pickup location.

This was an actual auction on eBay.
Dodebunz was the winner of the Welcome Committee. :)