When BAD things happen to GOOD BF's
Keep sharp objects WELL out of reach.

It was a cold, grey Melbourne day. A package arrived at Grandies house. Out jumped a very worse-for-wear Suzie!!

"OH!!" said Grandie and Suzie at the same time.

"Please excuse my looks Grandie.", pleaded Suzie.

"It is all the fault of those nasty machines at the post office. They chew and punch and bang little girls around, just so they can come to your house looking like me now!!."

Suzie did look a site indeed. Her hair was hacked , she had on an ugly purple dress, and no panties, shoes or socks. The biggest surprise though was that she had been packed in bubble wrap. This damage was not caused by banging about in machines. So how did it happen?

Grandie had been waiting for Suzie. She gave her a nice Baby Face top, just like Suzie used to wear, and a nappy, in case Suzie forgot to go to the toilet. And then she stood Suzie in the shelf.

"These are my other BF girls. We all get along fine, and you should too!!"

With that, Grandie walked out of the sewing room, and shut the door.

Natalie was the first to speak. "Hi!!" (Natalie was always ready to see the good in people)

"Go 'way. All of you, just go away!!"

Suzie sumped off the shelf she was standing on, and ran across the room. She rummaged in some boxes and returned with a bright orange rope.

Heisi saw her make a big loop in the rope and throw it. It caught at the top of the hook board, where grandie kept her SHARP THINGS. Gandie forbid the girls from EVER going near the SHARP THINGS.

Dee Dee made a determined face and jumped off the shelf. She ran to the rope holdoing Suzie and shook it hard. Suzie jumped off the rope, and rand across the sewing table. She shinnied sown the electric cord, and turned the machine on!!

Heidi, DeeDee and Nataile just stared. Grandie would never allow such a naughty girl to stay with them!!

Then Suzie dived into a box of fabric. All the girls could see were two feet sticking out the top. Suzie tried to use the cutter that she had grabbed off the hook board. She tried to cut pieces of the fabric. But, all she cut was some more of her hair.

Pretty soon there was hair all over the sewing table, and all Grandie's lovely fabric was in shreds.To make matters worse, it sounded like Grandie was coming into the sewing room!! Four little girls made their way back to their shelf, and stood very still.

"Oh Dear" Grandie was in shock. "What ever happened??"

Suzie spoke first. She looked all around the room. "Well I didn't do anything and' she did, and' she did, an' SHE cut my hair, an.........."

Grandie was silent for a long time. "All the girls know not to touch my things, especially not the SHARP THINGS. They also know not to put the sewing machine on. There are very dangerous things in this room, but they will not hurt you, unless you touch them first."

"If you wanted to make something, all you had to do was ask. I can make you clothes, or even a quilt if you are cold. BUT, it seems you have been very naughty, and now you must be punished."

"I will not make you anything new for two weeks. Then you can have a make-over, and have new clothes. Until then, you have to stay as you are, and learn some manners too!! Then I will take some pictures of you 'before' and 'after' and let everyone see how pretty you can be. The other girls can all have something new too!!"

The End...

Or is it really?? with the Baby Face Girls,
(and boys) around you can just never tell!!