My name is DeeDee. I have just come out of a deep fog and am so happy to be here to say hello to you all. I was living in the barrell at the Salvation Army in Alabama. I was desperate and about to give up.

One day I just decided to stick my hand out and guess what?? A nice lady name Diane pulled me out. I had black goop in my hair and was very dirty and forlorn. Diane took me home and washed me and washed me and washed me. My hair she thought would be hopeless. I soaked for days in a sink!!

FINALLY Diane said... we are done. Lets fix you up little girl. She made me a diaper with my name on it. It says DeeDee in pink!!! And another Auntie.. Phyllis made me a beautiful dress and headband and bought me matching sandals. Then they sent me to my Mommy.. Barb.. in Florida.

My Mommy was so happy she cried when she saw me. She gave me lots of hugs (my Mommy is a hugger) and introduced me to all my sisters. So dear Aunties and Uncle Steamer.. Heres my pix..this is me. DeeDee Keegan...

Love to you all!!!