A Birthday to Remember!

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Sherri is taken to the jail for questioning and locked up for the time being.

Poor Sherri! Look what a mess she got herself into.
This is the WORST.

Denny comes down to the jail to talk to Sheriff Gunther.

Sherri was crying and sobbing and so ashamed of what she had done. Denny explained to Sheriff Gunther that it was all a very special Birthday Celebration. "You see it's our 12th Baby Face birthday this year and we are very special little people. We celebrate like this every year in hopes that just maybe some day we will be reborn again."

Well the Sheriff doesn't know what to say about the whole situation. "Sherri, if you promise to go home and be a good girl I just have to let you go." With that Sherri just Grinned from ear to ear. Sherriff Gunther removed the handcuffs and let Sherri go home with Denny.