Celebrating 10 Years
with Mel Birnkrant's
So Shy Sherri!


Anyone who has lived with a "shy" person knows that they do have a strong will and mind of their own. This is what we've learned about So Shy Sherri as well. She has ways of influencing others around her and she's got deep convictions about the meaning of family. Thus, Baby Face addicts know that the reason for our large Baby Face collections is all Sherri's fault. She makes us do it. She thinks that all her sisters need to be re-united and she works toward this goal incessantly. That fiery red hair says something about her personality just as much as the incredibly sweet (persuasive) smile. She may be shy and quiet, but Sherri is a determined crusader who knows how to motivate others. And we love to encourage her!!

Pictures are provided by the happy collectors of Baby Face!!



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